Forest Bathing Berlin

Mindful nature connection walks in green spaces
by Fiona McDougall

Forest Bathing Berlin

Green Links: Updated August 26, 2022

A curated list of people, places and things around Berlin doing good things in nature
Urban foraging, a website showing all the trees in Berlin, and more

  • Interested in learning more about the plants and trees (and which ones you can snack on)? Edible Alchemy regularly offers fantastic urban foraging walks in Treptower Park. It’s such a delightful way to spend an afternoon, I learn something new every time I join.
  • Ever wondered about the tree outside your window? Giess Den Kiez was built after a period of prolonged drought, when a lot of the trees in Berlin were dying. It allows citizens to “adopt” a tree, water it and record their efforts, but it also shows the species and age of each city tree. I was so excited to find out that some of the oldest trees in the city are in Hasenheide Park, near where I live.
  • The oldest tree in Berlin Dicke Marie is a 900 year old Oak in Tegal Forest. The saying goes that oaks spend 300 growing, 300 years holding and 300 years dying. But it’s quite rare for them to live even this long, so she’s definitely worth a visit.
  • Looking to explore some new nature destinations and maybe make some friends along the way? Nature Meet offers weekly guided walks in green spaces outside of the city.
  • My favourite book shop in Berlin, Zabriskie offers a lovingly curated selection of books and magazines about culture and nature. I always want to buy everything they have!

An image of a big oak tree at the south east entrance to Hasenheide park. According to the Giess Den Kiez website, the tree is over 277 years old!